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Choosing the right investment option for you can be very confusing and difficult.

As of today, there are:

  • Over 2500 mutual funds.
  • Approximately 45 mutual fund houses.
  • 1000s of Fixed deposits.
  • 8000 plus listed shares on NSE and BSE.
  • Many Gold investment options – Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual Funds, Sovereign Gold Funds, Jewellery and Schemes from Jewellers.
  • Several Commodity Futures eg Silver, Steel, & others.
  • Multiple Real Estate investment options such as Apartments, Houses, Plots, Villas, Farm Houses & Funds.
  • Many Hybrid Fancy Investments

At Generational capital we specialise in curating the best investment choice for you from the above invesment buckets through rigorous analysis, projections and relationships with the most reputed financial institutions.

Investment Options

Equity Products


⇝Equity Mutual Funds
⇝Portfolio Management Services
⇝Alternative Investment Funds
⇝Direct Equity

Debt Products


⇝Debt Mutual Funds
⇝Debt Linked NPS Schemes
⇝Bonds - Taxable & Tax-Free
⇝Bank FDs
⇝Corporate FDs & Debentures



⇝Life Insurance
⇝Health Insurance
⇝Home Insurance