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Perennial Investment Philosophy

About Us

RH Perennial Fund is a SEBI Registered (IINA200002601) Portfolio Management Service following growth investing as its core philosophy. Unlike most Portfolio Management companies with corporate backing, most of our investors come through word of mouth due to our exceptional services. Our unique investment philosophy of identifying major wealth creation trends and managing the risk has been back tested and we are aiming of creating 20% plus CAGR returns for our clients.

Philosophy #1

Perennial is inspired by the long-term mission to protect the purchasing power of savers irreplaceable capital, and to increase such value over time in real terms. We do this by channelizing savings towards monopolistic and fast growing capital efficient franchises with reinvestment runways run by able and  minority friendly management.

Philosophy #2

In most sectors globally as well as India, profit pools are getting concentrated in the hands of a few champion franchises. We endeavor to find the current and emerging breed of monopolists who will benefit disproportionately this consolidation.
We aim to identify growing businesses with consistent track record, excellent corporate governance and competitive advantages built around network effects, lowest cost of production, switching costs and intangible assets having large addressable markets

Philosophy #3

Our typical holdings exhibit the following characteristics:
Sector leaders in an industry with favorable economics and great track record of capital allocation Great accounting quality and corporate governance Huge growth potential
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Fund Manager

  • Satwik is a global investor trying to identify major wealth  creation trends, monopolistic and fast growing capital efficient franchises with reinvestment runways run by able and minority friendly  management.

Need Help?

The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth.

The offerings are usually ideal for investors: who are looking to invest in asset classes like equity, fixed income, structured products etc ,who desire personalised investment solutions ,who desire long-term wealth creation ,who appreciate a high level of service.

As per SEBI guidelines, minimum amount to be invested is Rupees 50 lakhs. You can transfer your existing shares and/or funds with total amount to be minimum Rupees 50 lakhs.

Individuals, and Non-Individuals such as HUFs, partnerships firms, sole proprietorship firms and Body Corporate.

AnNRI/PIO can avail the PMS service under the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) on repatriation and/or non-repatriation basis (NRE and/or NRO account).

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